In this edition, the new forms and the openness to multimedia and new digital technologies were combined with difficult subjects related to social taboos, unusual in the art of puppetry, generally considered as colourful and cheerful. The puppets and animated object were placed in extreme situations by the creators of the shows: the situations of leaving and dying, migrating, experiencing war and terrorism. Some of the performances took up the subject of the Other and Otherness, which become familiar in various ways.

There were intricate storylines as well as plotless shows, functioning as pure metaphor and a feast for the imagination. Some of them were brilliant displays of perfectly mastered skills combining diverse disciplines of art, including circus.

The Grand Prix went to Ashes by Plexus Polaire (France / Norway) – a masterly show of puppets of various sizes, which was both an eventful narrative and an insightful reflection on the dark side of human nature. The best performance for children was The Stories of the Little Lupitina González by Loutky bez Hranic (Czechia).

During the five days of the festival, the audience watched 23 shows from 12 countries.

The shows were accompanied by an exhibition about the African puppet theatre Kono Donkili and a panel discussion organised by the POLUNIMA association, concerning the future of the art of puppetry.