29 performances were presented at the XXII International Festival of Puppetry Art, which took place on May 20-23, 2006. Theatres from four continents - Africa, North America, Australia and Europe presented themselves to the Bielsko-Biała audience. 19 foreign groups from 14 countries of the world (France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Kenya, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Belarus, Israel), 8 Polish theaters and 2 drama schools were invited. There were also five lectures and three exhibitions.

The Professional Jury consisted of:
1. Hanna Baltyn
2. Ida Hlediková
3. Tadeusz Kornaś
4. Alexander A. Łabiniec
5. Petr Nosálek

The Young Critics Jury consisting of students of theater studies from Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków and Poznań:
1. Anna Ochman
2. Ewa Maciorowska
3. Bartłomiej Miernik
4. Joanna Mikulska
5. Marta Łacheta

The Grad Prix went to Klaus Obermaier and Kris Haring for the performance Wiwisektor (Austria), which was also awarded by the Young Critics Jury.

The award for directing went to Tomasz Dworzak for the performance Handsome Firefighter, or Fire of the National Theater Naivni Divadlo Liberec (Czech Republic).

The Acting Award went to Richard Bradshaw for Bradshaw's Shadows Living Dodo Puppets (Australia). The performance was also awarded by the Children's Jury.

The award for an innovative theater form went to Vanessa Valk and Frank Soehnle for the performance of Alone in a Bath. The secret of the blue Compagnie Vanessa Valk (Germany).

Neville Tranter received an honorary diploma from the Polish Puppet Center for the mastery of animation in the performance Vampire Stuffed Pupped Theater (Netherlands).