We invite for performance

For spectators



60 min

Ticket prices

  • reduced - 32 zł

  • regular - 37 zł

  • group - 26 zł

About the performance

This is how our story begins: a story about the Elephant that swallowed the Moon by accident, about the Wolf that tries to get the moon back, and about Edgar, the Smallest Grain of Sand that believes its destiny is grand.

We meet them at the point where each of them sets off on a journey – an extraordinary journey, full of adventures and sensations, one that will bring something special and different to each of them, like it usually does in fairy tales. What will that thing be? Perhaps an answer to a question? A solution to a problem? A discovery of a friendship? Or a discovery of themselves?

This is a warm and sparkling story about friendship, hope, and the fact that everyone is important and can do something big – no matter if they are a huge elephant or the Smallest Grain of Sand.

Creators of the performance

Script and direction
Marta Guśniowska

Stage design
Pavel Hubička

Piotr Klimek

Marcin Pawełczak


Agnieszka Zyskowska-Biskup

Zygmunt Babiak

Łukasz Bugowski

Krzysztof Jarota

Andrzej Mikosza

Tomasz Szczygielski

Andrzej Szymański

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