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75 min

Ticket prices

  • reduced - 35 zł

  • regular - 40 zł

  • group - 30 zł

About the performance

Dragons live ordinary lives: they go to school and to work, they have a government and a president. In the evenings, they tell bedtime stories to their dragon kids: scary tales about evil, monstrous people that dragons should be afraid of, if only those people were real. But they are real in fact – and they tell the same kind of stories about dragons to their human kids. What if they could travel between their worlds? What if a dragon and a man met? Can Roar (dragon) and Karol (human), alongside their staunch companion Piglet, cast fear and prejudice aside and cooperate to carry out a difficult and dangerous task?

Dragons directed by Anna Nowicka is a funny and moving show, whose main themes are tolerance, acceptance, and the need to explore the world, free from prejudice and judgement.

Creators of the performance

Anna Nowicka

stage design
Marika Wojciechowska

Maciej Cempura

lighting design
Prot Jarnuszkiewicz

Michał Jankowski


Małgorzata Bulska

Dominika Kaczmarek / Martyna Gajak

Dagmara Włoszek-Rabska / Katarzyna Pohl

Konrad Ignatowski

Maciej Jabłonowski

Włodzimierz Pohl

Ziemowit Ptaszkowski

Radosław Sadowski

Tomasz Sylwestrzak

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