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For spectators



80 min

Ticket prices

  • reduced - 32 zł

  • regular - 37 zł

  • group - 26 zł

About the performance

This kind of world, seemingly impossible, was created by Franz Kafka in his Process. We draw from this brilliant novel as we believe that great literature is able to anticipate reality, to foresee it in some mysterious ways. Kafka built a model of reality which, despite being fictitious, resonates with the present day. His metaphors and poetics sound weirdly relevant and ominous these days.

We are not trying to highlight the modern overtones of Kafka’s prose – they are surfacing on their own. The metaphor is our goal, while the form of puppetry theatre and visual arts is our means to explore the multidimensional poetics of the text. We wish to build another model of reality: one that can bring out questions that form a dialogue with Kafka’s questions. We would like to use this model to find out the current temperature of the water in which the metaphorical frog is being boiled.

Creators of the performance

Franz Kafka

translation into Polish
Bruno Schulz

Martyna Lechman

directing and stage design
Konrad Dworakowski

Piotr Klimek

multimedia projections / trailer
Rami Shaya – Hollybaba



Dominika Kaczmarek / Martyna Gajak

Lucyna Sypniewska

Władysław Aniszewski

Adam Milewski / Maciej Jabłonowski

Włodzimierz Pohl

Piotr Tomaszewski

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