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50 min

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About the performance

The show alludes to the universal story of Orpheus and Euridice, whose love was more powerful than death. Orpheus is in despair and he cannot accept the loss of his beloved, so he decides to find her. On his journey, he gets to the underworld full of rats, where he needs to face his memories and quandaries and to confront his image of what lies on the other side of life with reality. What is real, and what is just an illusion? What will be the end of the journey undertaken by modern Orpheus? Will we have enough love and courage in the post-pandemic world to rebuild our lives together?

The performance has been co-financed by the Polish Culture Support Fund and Malta Festival Poznań 2021.

Creators of the performance

Paweł Szkotak

Łukasz Matuszyk

Stage design
Teatr Biuro Podróży & Natalia Kołodziej, Joanna Sapkowska Pieprzyk, Michał Wielopolski

Adam Mikołajczak / Jevgienii Shapoval


Bartosz Borowski

Łukasz Kowalski

Maja Osińska

Paweł Stachowczyk

Marta Strzałko

Tomasz Wrzalik

Maciej Zakrzewski

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