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60 min

Ticket prices

  • reduced - 32 zł

  • regular - 37 zł

  • group - 26 zł

About the performance

Far in the north, in a hostile place during the rough times of the Gold Rush, White Fang is growing: a cross-breed of dog and wolf puppy. Equipped with wildness and effervescence, White Fang cannot easily fit in with a pack of wolves, not even among people; he is neither accepted, nor does he accept easily. As he grows up, he encounters violence and hatred as well as kindness and even love. What will eventually be imprinted in his soul? 

Language: Czech with English subtitles

Creators of the performance

Original title
Bílý Tesák

English title
White Fang

Jack London, Tomáš Jarkovský, Jakub Vašíček

Written by
Jack London

Adapted by
Tomáš Jarkovský, Jakub Vašíček

Jakub Vašíček

Stage design
Antonín Šilar, Tereza Venclová

Daniel Čámský

Tomáš Jarkovský



Jan Popela

Milan Hajn

Luděk Smadiš

Milan Žďárský

Jiří Vyšohlíd

Dominik Linka

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